Free Art Events at OCCCA in Santa Ana

If you don’t know about the amazing art scene happening in Santa Ana yet…it’s about time you step out of your comfort zone and check it out!  And there’s no better time that now – the Orange County Center for the Arts in Santa Ana is holding FREE art events all summer long!  The purpose of these art workshops is to shine a light on issues of mental illness, stigma, wellness and recovery, while showcasing and cultivating the talents of the mental health community and general public.


These are the workshops I will be checking out:

July 10th & 28th – Watercolor Workshop with Greg Atkin. Participants will learn many aspects of water color techniques and create finished paintings reflecting their experience.

July 12th & 13th – Printmaking Workshop with Joy Shannon – Participants will create their own original printing plate and prints, while learning aspects of calligraphy and foam etching and inking and printing techniques.

July 17th & 20th – Multimedia Workshop with Joella March and Mannig Gurekian – Participants will have the opportunity to discuss and create artworks reflecting on the theme of stigma reduction, wellness and recovery.

There are many more workshops being held this Summer! The full list of workshops can be downloaded here!


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