Surf To Skate – Evolution to Revolution at As Issued this Friday!

This Friday, November 16th, As Issued bookstore at The Lab will be showcasing the Surf To Skate – Evolution to Revolution Book Release and Vintage Skateboard Exhibition from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. The limited view event will close on Sunday, November 18th.

Presented by Scavenger, a duo of vintage skateboard collectors, Stanton Hartsfield and Jason Cohn will feature over 75 rare skateboards from their private collections from the 1950’s to 1960’s. Scavenger’s effort is to retrace the early roots and history of skateboarding, from the wood shop boards cobbled together by young adolescents digging through their father’s toolboxes to the mass produced boards sold through department stores.

The limited edition self-published 152 page, 19”x4.5” coffee table book was fully printed and produced in the USA and designed to resemble a skateboard from the 1950’s. This is the most comprehensive book on the subject matter to date. Scavenger’s mission is to curate items from the past and preserve them for the future, “We are extremely excited to share our extensive collection with the world. To some of those that read this book it will serve as a trip down memory lane and to others it will give them a better understanding of the sports colorful history. Whether you surf or skateboard or not it’s irrelevant. We simply hope you enjoy the book and share the stoke.”

Special musical performance by Levi Prairie & beverage sampling from Primo Beer.


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