PÄS Gallery’s controversial “word” exhibition is Tomorrow!

We just found out about the exhibition being held at PÄS Gallery tomorrow titled “word,” an exhibition on text.

On the gallery’s website, there is a section outlining what critics are saying, and it isn’t very complimentary. Here’s a snapshot:


I don’t know about you, but all the negativity surrounding the exhibition actually makes us want to go see it even more.  Good job stirring up some controversy PÄS! We can’t wait to check it out and celebrate your 3rd anniversary with you!

“word” will be featuring the work of the following artists, Dan Joyce, Valerie Lewis, Ricardo Gonsalves, Brian Prince, Kristy Prince, Jesse La Tour, Chantal deFelic,. Josue Rivas, Holly Bliss, Steve Westbrook, Jessica Lah, Michael Magoski, Roxanna Mostatabi, Tisa Pickering, and Corky Nepomuceno.

Opening during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, from 6-10pm.

RSVP on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/333241630104768


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