Gallery Review: Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity recently relocated from it’s spot in Old Town Orange to the SoCo Collection in Costa Mesa.  The non-profit Center’s mission is to “foster creativity, especially in young people, using the drawings, films, writings, and other work of legendary animation director, Chuck Jones.”

The entire space is gigantic – about 2,000 sq feet or larger with extremely high ceilings.  The natural light pours through the windows making it the perfect location for a gallery and arts workshops.  Upon entering I was greeted by a very informative sales woman who explained the mission of the gallery and the history behind Chuck Jones.

Along the main gallery wall, they have original Chuck Jones artwork and Looney Tunes animation cels displayed.  It’s really great to see more than just reproductions, but they do sell a lot of prints and giclées for sale as well.

The main reason I came to this gallery was to see the artwork by Tennessee Loveless.

He is a Los Angeles based Pop/Op artist who was born with a severe color blindness disorder and satuartion deficiency. Over his career he worked through this “disability” to become well known for the use of color in his art.  Knowing this information makes you appreciate his artwork even more.  I highly recommend watching this short documentary about Tennessee and his process.


At first glance, Tennessee’s Disney artwork inspired a feeling of nostalgia.  But, upon closer look you will see that he likes to play around with the satires and irony that are inherent in Pop Art.





The Sleeping Beauty series channels the comic book style of Lichtenstein in a fresh way.





The graphical stripes in the Mickey and Minnie paintings were very bold.  I like how blue popped off the orange without a strobing effect. These pieces exemplify his use of color and working through his color blindness.




Apologies for the blurriness of this photo, but I had to add this to the post.  It was definitely one of my favorites.  On the opposite side of this wall, about 20 of these Mickey paintings are displayed in a grid.  With this piece, Tennessee utilized the repetition that Andy Warhol was famous for creating.


A children’s art camp is starting today, August 27th, and will run through this Friday! Gina Latora’s “Artables” class is particularly well-suited for pre-schoolers, but will captivate children of all ages. There’ll be painting — not always with a brush — and your child will be surprised at the ‘tools’ that are used as well as the ‘paint’. Adult attendance is required, please wear your painting attire! There’ll be a minimum of 6 and up to 16 participants in each Art Camp. Click here for more details or call Pam Marsden to register your budding artists today! 949-660-7793 or email:

Also, please join the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and the Center for Living Peace for Saturday morning cartoons & quick draw the first Saturday of the month beginning September 1st! Chapman University professor of animation, Doug Lothers, will lead aspiring artists on a journey of creativity. Suggested donation $1.00 to $5.00.

This program will be held at the Center for Living Peace, 4139 Campus Drive, Irvine 92612.


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