Orange County Art Exhibits to Check Out

The weather is starting to cool off a little bit in Orange County. So, now is the perfect time to check out some interesting art exhibits.  Here are a few I think you all might enjoy…

This three-person exhibition features new site-specific large scale sculpture and installation by Joyce Dallal, Olga Lah and Cynthia Minet.   The artists combine discarded and repurposed materials to address issues concerning plastics in our environment, consumerism, and energy consumption.


AR4T in Laguna Beach – The Garage

Featuring new works by Brennan Coyle & Electric Coffin, The Garage exhibit includes paintings, restructured skate decks, and a mixed media 15 foot installation using reclaimed, recycled, repurposed wood/media, keeping with Electric Coffin’s practice of using sustainable materials.


Phone Booth Gallery on Long Beach – ReImagined

An exhibition of new works that re-interpret old masterpieces. The results range from whimsical to startling, and as contemporary artists’ toy with its forms, the authority of history becomes less and less weighty. *Yes, we realize that Long Beach is technically part of LA County. But we chose to include The LBC in our blog because they are pretty much a borderline between LA and OC. *


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