Gallery Girls Hates on The OC

Gallery Girls, the brand new reality show on Bravo tracks the lives of young women in the New York City art scene. As the show opens we meet several elitist New Yorkers who think they are so much better than everyone else because they moved to New York to….you guessed it…emulate the lifestyle of the FICTIONAL character Carrie Bradshaw.

One of the more interesting characters on the show is Angela Pham, an ex-OC resident. She explains that she left the county because she and her friends “were considered freaks and weirdos.” She also goes on to state that “Orange County doesn’t have the best reputation for diversity or culture or anything interesting.”

Well Angela, we strongly disagree. Yes, Orange County is known for it’s bleach blonde, faux tanned, fake boobed housewives. But, when one travels to towns aside from Newport Coast, you will find some very culturally diverse and artistic areas.  We are sorry that your experience in Orange County wasn’t that pleasant and we would love to give you the chance to clear it all up by doing an interview with us!

We will keep watching for some more OC art scene references and keep you updated! For now, check out the slideshow below for some of Angela’s photography work, all images courtesy of

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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