Edgy Figure Paintings in Laguna?!

When asked to describe the artwork you would find in Laguna Beach, one is mostly likely to answer “landscapes.”  At least that’s what most of the people I talk to say.  And let’s face it, Laguna Beach was once a hippie village and is now populated by spoiled teens and plastic surgery bimbos.  I frequent the galleries quite often and I rarely see artwork that pushes the boundaries past the banal and safe scenics.

So, when I discovered Jorg Dubin’s art at the Peter Blake gallery, I was proved wrong. His figures are curvy and controversial.  The women he choses to paint are not traditional beauties, but his paint strokes make you want to stare.  My favorite is the Diva, dressed in her “sexy” lingerie and donning hair curlers. If you stare at this painting you start to make up your own story about who she is and what she’s all about.  Check out his work, I promise you’ll be impressed: http://jorgdubin.com/

(All images courtesy of Jorg Dubin)

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